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  • When preparing the list of addresses please use a Word document or a file where the addresses appear (one line under the other) as they will on the envelope. Spread sheets are a problem to work with. Please use a font that is simple and large enough to easily read.
  •  If you want the writing to be in a color that matches your invitation please provide a copy of the actual printed invitation as a color reference. Return addresses are not adequate color references. 
  • Very important. Please provide between 10% to 20% additional envelopes. If you order additional envelopes when you place your original order the cost is minimal. If you need to order more later it can be very costly. 
  • It is also recommended that that you call to consult before you commit to a typeface that you want matched. 
  • It is recommended that you call to consult before you’ve purchased envelopes of an unusual paper quality. 
  • Size or shape. An envelope that is within the range of 4 to 7 inches high and 5 to 10 inches wide and is a horizontal rectangle or square format is considered standard. 


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Mailing Invitations


  • If you’re interested in a style that is not included on the website gallery, please send an example of that style. 
  • Please advise if you have envelopes that are unusual regarding color (anything other than white or ivory), that are lined (with anything other than white or ivory tissue), have an unusual surface (other than a smooth or slightly textured matt finish) or are unusually heavy. 



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Calligraphy By Toby


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  • The envelopes are not waterproof – please be careful when stuffing, stamping and mailing
  • Have the Post Office “HAND STAMP” the envelopes.  Sometimes they give you a hard time or they make you stamp them yourself. If necessary, go to another Post Office 

  • Take a complete set to the Post Office to make sure you have the right amount of postage.  
  • Both with escort cards and place cards extra stock. Please provide 20%-25% extra escort cards and place cards.
  • Many escort cards are unsuitable in terms of the design or the paper quality. Please call for advice regarding the best cards to purchase. 
  • If you have additions or corrections after you’ve given me the list, please give them to me separately in an email rather than sending a revised list.
  • A very good idea is to number each address and have it in alphabetical order. That way it’s easy to refer to a specific address when necessary.
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  • Use a glue stick to seal the envelopes.  Do not pile on top of each other until they are dry.

  • Post Office also has special rates for certain size envelopes. 
  • Place cards have the name of one guest only written on it and it is set at the place setting when you have assigned seating at each table. A tent or flat card is usually used.
  • You can have an escort card for each person or you can put couples on one card. If you prefer the latter please remember when you calculate the number of insert cards couples count as one; it’s the number of envelopes to fill and not the number of people that need to be considered. A table of five couples will need five table number insert cards and a table of ten single people will need ten table number insert cards.
  • If you wish to have inner and outer envelope sets where the name of the guest is on the inner envelope – it is not necessary to state what is to be written on the inner envelope unless you’re adding “and Guest” or children. Young children are written by first names only under their parents’ names. Adult children should receive their own invitation.  Inside envelopes can be formal or informal.  If you want to be informal, please put in parentheses what you want on the inner envelope (Toby & Steve or Grandma & Grandpa, etc.).